Saturday, October 29, 2016

Amazing Man Comics #5 - pt. 3

And there are still more characters to introduce from this issue!  Next is Chuck Hardy In the Land beneath the Sea.  Yes, it's a hollow world campaign, this time set under the South Pacific, and can only be reached when a volcano causes a fissure on the ocean floor to open. How the entire ocean doesn't start pouring into the hollow world and drown everyone there is never explained.

What is explained to us is that this is a salamandron -- which, I'm guessing, is like a cross between a salamander and a dimetrodon. It sure looks big and fearsome, but sure doesn't last long against Chuck (unless he just happened to pick up a magical Axe of Salamandron Slaying...?).

Someone's been reading a lot of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  The science continues to remain goofy, but as long as your players are fine with that, let the environment give their Heroes any bonuses you feel comfortable with.

Speaking of "lost world" settings, here we get another smaller example of that in Mighty Man -- which is ironic, given that this is a lost Valley of the Giants. It's hard to get a sense of scale from that close-up of a deer, but Sonny says it is twice normal size. The trees are supposed to be twice normal size too (though how can you really tell with a tree?). The scale of the building suggests its occupant will be more than twice human size, though.

Here's an origin story ripe for abuse -- if staying in this valley turns people into giants, then what's to stop your Heroes from just choosing to stay here for 5-10 years of game time, and then go out and stomp all over your campaign world?  Unless it's the growing process that killed everyone else off, of course.

Although Mighty Man says he's the son of normal humans, he's close to the right size to be a moon giant (appearing in 2nd ed.).

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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