Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Terry and the Pirates (Large Feature Comics #2)

Like when I covered the first Large Features Comic, I did not have access to this particular issue. But I did have access to the daily strips it covered, from '35-'36, thanks to The Complete Terry and the Pirates vol. 1. Now I just have to think of some things to say about it.

Which was tricky. Although an action adventure strip -- if not considered the action adventure strip -- Pat and Terry spend a lot of there time in these early adventures getting captured, escaping as circumstances change around them, and then getting captured by the next villain.

One thing that strikes me as worth mentioning is that -- unless you want a higher mortality rate for Heroes than you see in the comic books -- villains are going to always choose to capture the Heroes when they can, even when it makes way more sense just to kill them out right. Even if the Heroes have already escaped from this villain before, he will nevertheless accept their surrender every future time it's offered. Maybe he wants to gloat. Maybe he is planning a fitting deathtrap for them. Maybe he just has to wait until after this important meeting he has to take (which Heroes then get to observe and glean plot information from!) before he can do justice to killing them.

Another thing is that Pat Ryan is the perfect example of a Hero who trades up on his supporting cast. Normandie is a cute, sweet romantic interest, but unarguably less than one hit dice. Pat can get more XP for forgetting her and moving on to a more dangerous femme fatale, like Burma, and then dump her for The Dragon Lady (obviously a higher-level Fighter) when she turns up. One thing about femme fatales I should clarify in the next edition rules -- even if they are in conflict with you, they still count as supporting cast.

I had been convinced by others that "hide in shadows" no longer belongs as a human trait, since the Mysteryman class essentially turns that into a class-based trait. Still, Pat, Terry, and Connie spent a lot of time hiding, and using darkness to their advantage. Now I'm not so sure again...

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