Friday, June 3, 2016

Crackajack Funnies #11

Take a look at this guy in the yellow suit. Would you guess he was a hoodlum? No, but Irwin somehow makes him right away? I'm more convinced than ever that Hideouts & Hoodlums needs a skill for identifying mobsters.

Car bombs are deadly in H&H -- maybe 5-30 points of damage, if there's a full tank of gas. It's deadly enough that I wouldn't even think of putting a 1st-level Hero in a scenario where he could encounter one.

Now this is a mistake I never make anymore, when running any RPG. No players act like Red Ryder here, and stay away from a rendezvous point until the time of the rendezvous. They always want to show up hours early to stake the place out. So this scenario would never work out in a real game.

The law always seems to crack down hardest on the Heroes in stories like this -- note the $1,000 reward for Red Ryder, an exorbitant amount for a Western setting.

This is Buck Jones, and this is clearly the 1st level Cowboy stunt, Summon Horse, on display here. There's really no other explanation I can think of for why his horse just happens to walk into the cabin.

This is also the only instance I can think of where I've ever read about keeping matchsticks in your hat band being a good thing.

I'm going to have to call shenanigans on this one, Buck. Okay, maybe you coaxed your horse into leaping off the cliff with a lot of spurring, but you'll have an even harder time convincing me you both just took a 90' plunge into the lake and took no damage. Minimal damage, I can believe, but here they just ride off as if they took a light rinse.

This is Don Winslow doing the rowing. The plot here is an especially intriguing one, looking back, as the Spanish Civil War is really the forgotten war that didn't figure into World War II. But that does beg the question -- is Red's theory really half-baked, or is the intervention of men like Don Winslow that ended the Spanish Civil War early before it could spill out into the larger War in Europe?

Giant piranha are statted for H&H right away in Book II, though, to be honest, I've yet to see a giant one in the comics. Maybe I should apply those stats to a piranha swarm instead.

I don't plan on using a precise encumbrance system anymore in 2nd ed., so I guess it won't really matter how much an automatic pistol weights. But I was still surprised that an automatic could fit in a handbag that small.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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