Thursday, June 23, 2016

Keen Detective Funnies v. 2 #6 - pt. 2

Dan Dix is one of the earliest heroes to have access to an auto-gyro. Apparently the Miami Police have access to it too!

This is from Captain Ransom. The artist is Arthur Hoffman. I really like his stuff here -- too bad he only seems to have done three comic book stories ever!  And this is all we'll ever see of Capt. Ransom.

Besides my admiration of the artwork, I also thought a radio station on wheels might be a good trophy item.

For the Aviator class, Increase Speed and Power Dive are two separate stunts (as per their write-ups in The Trophy Case v. 1 #7). But, maybe combined together, they could be used to increase speed even greater. Normally I am opposed to stacking bonuses in Hideouts & Hoodlums, but since this one is right there in black and white...

This filler item is called Detectionotes. Clearly, this camera gun never took off, if it was ever a real thing at all. Still, it could become a trophy item in H&H.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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