Friday, August 28, 2015

Feature Funnies #4

The next offering from 1938 is this early issue from Quality. Jane Arden reprints were still as close as we got to action stories, but there's also...

The comedy of Mickey Finn is seldom suitable for Hideouts & Hoodlums lessons, but I thought the sergeant's admonishment "You never want to lose your temper when you're in uniform" is a lesson some police all the way here in the 21st century could benefit to remember.

I also thought it was an interesting idea for a H&H scenario sometime, if the Heroes got a bunch of police officers mad while they were on duty, and then had to confront them all at once later when they were off-duty...

As I sometimes will do, I shared this gag filler because I thought it was uncommonly funny.

Though not referred to by any kind of name, the bad guys on this page of Lala Palooza certainly seem to be anarchists, as statted in Supplement II: All-American.

I've talked several times already about the extreme devaluation of used cars in the 1930s, but the cheap auto you could get for $10 might be serviceable, but would not be in great shape. Here, Bungle has a shot at unloading his refurbished used car for up to $200.

And, lastly, we have an example of a Japanese warplane (the Kawasaki) and its top speed (143 MPH). Good to know for any future H&H campaigns in the Pacific Theater!

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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