Monday, August 3, 2015

Feature Funnies #2

I had skipped issue #1 and the debut of the publisher, Quality Comics, because I didn't have anything to say about that issue; luckily, #2 is a little meatier.

This from a page of As Strange as It Seems, and I include it here because those giant double doors, at the entrance to a train tunnel -- seems like it would be a great entrance to a mid- to high-level hideout.

I occasionally feature some funny filler material when it makes me laugh; plus, this first panel is a good test for your Heroes to know if they might be dealing with a corrupt cop...

I've included part of a page of Lala Palooza, not because this is riveting drama or hilarious comedy, but as a reminder of where rich mobsters could be hiding their wealth. That vase the Superhero broke and the folding screen the Magic-User just burnt down? That was 33,000 xp worth of treasure lost.

This is from a page of Jim Swift and His Adventures (not Tom Swift, but the resemblance is surely intentional).

I include this page because -- what Hero wouldn't want to have a sloop with two hidden 4-inch guns on it? (heavy artillery was statted in Supplement I: National)

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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