Monday, August 10, 2015

Detective Comics #8 - pt. 2

Bart Regan is reminded that it pays to have a day job as a spy, as routine assignments are often plot hooks for adventure!

The key to tracking, as I've discussed here before, is often just asking the right questions. Here, Buck Marshall's player asks his Editor, "What shape are the boot prints?" to ascertain there were two assailants. But if tracking is being used as a Cowboy stunt or Mysteryman special skill, then some information should always be withhold from "ordinary" Heroes searching for tracks. "You simply can't tell," is a fair answer, no matter how long the Heroes spent searching.

Not really germane to game mechanics, but...I wonder where Slam Bradley is from?  I would have assumed Slam was from Cleveland, Ohio, just like Siegel and Shuster's next creation, Superman, will be from originally. And yet, a road trip from Cleveland to the Kentucky mountains should only take 6-7 hours, not exactly a "long night".  New York to Kentucky would be 13-14 hours, more idea of a long night's drive.

Shorty often plays the fool, but in this story he wisely uses Supporting Cast Member recruitment in order to change the encounter reaction of the hillbilly girl holding a shotgun on him.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Archives)

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