Sunday, May 29, 2016

Adventure Comics #37 - pt. 2

Skip Schuyler works for the U.S. Intelligence Service and hunts spies...but when he needs a dictaphone planted in a spy's room, he doesn't do it himself -- he asks for help from a dictaphone installation specialist. That's a type of supporting cast member I never expected to need in the game, particularly since the last time I discussed dictaphones here, I said the odds of discovering one should be entirely random. Since all Skip's expert, Garth, does is hide it behind the radiator, I'm not convinced I was wrong.

Skip also uses a skeleton key instead of trying to pick the lock on his own. I believe I have talked before about adding this as a minor trophy item.

Rusty and His Pals deal with a drunken hoodlum and his superstitious hoodlum underlings -- by having an old man put white powder on himself and pretend to be a ghost. Everyone blows their morale saves but the two main villains, only one of whom is armed with a hunting rifle. This scenario awfully pretty easy, even for 1st-level Heroes.

And lastly, Anchors Aweigh -- which I felt had started so strongly -- seems to have come to a weak finish to its first storyline. Don Kerry guesses the identity of El Diablo on rather flimsy evidence -- that El Diablo seemed to have been trying to conceal a German accent, and there's only one German character who's figured into this story so far. Never mind the fact that it could have been another German Don hadn't met yet, or a clever villain disguising his voice to sound like he was concealing an accent; Don just attacks the nearest German and turns out to be right. It's almost like the Editor didn't even know who El Diablo was and let the player decide for him -- which you could do in your game.

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