Friday, April 29, 2016

Keen Detective Funnies v. 2 #3 - pt. 2

Okay, bear with me on this one. I know the art is awful, the coloring is that cheap two-tone effect some of the publishers used to save money, it's really creepy to see babies holding guns, and the black baby is grotesquely racist -- BUT, if you get past all that, the idea of an all-baby characters scenario seems strangely compelling to me. Not that this story would be a good model for one, as these babies only look like babies, but seem to be able to do everything a grown adult can do. Maybe Little Lulu: the RPG would be a better idea.

I also like that they have an underground hideout, accessible via a chute concealed in a fake garbage can. I could see a superhero team called The Garbage Men having a lair like this.

Oh, and there's another goat joke in the background!

And, lastly, I like that they go adventuring with a bulldog sidekick. I haven't ran Hideouts & Hoodlums for a hero with a dog sidekick since Omega Archer was 1st level, but it was fun and different.

I don't know if I should reward the players who try this or be annoyed with them, but the idea of breaking into a zoo, subduing the more ferocious animals there, and then dragging them along to the nearest hideout to sic on the inhabitants is...pretty twisted. I think any Hero who even tried that would undergo an immediate shift to Chaotic Alignment.

This is Pat O'Day at the top of the page. He clearly has surprise conditions against the two people in the room. If he had chosen to combat them, Pat would have chance for one action. But since he listens instead, the surprise turn can last however long the overheard villains keep monologing.

This is from Capt. Forsyth and Sgt. McLean, (kilt-wearing) Spy Hunters. I share it because stopping a war is something one would normally imagine as a high-level scenario, but in this case just stopping a single messenger stops a war, and can be accomplished by a single 1st-level Fighter who manages to get himself in the right place at the right time.

This is a Mike Moran Mystery. Note how Mike solves the mystery by sensing that the district attorney "never did look straight". No, it's not gaydar -- as a Detective, Mike apparently has a chance of detecting crooked politicians on sight. This would be a good addition to the Detective class (which debuted in The Trophy Case e-zine) -- though the Detective class will likely not be a feature in the 2nd edition basic book.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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