Thursday, April 14, 2016

Action Comics #9 - Part 2

Zatara's adventures always involve powerful magic. In this installment, his foe casts a Sleep spell -- but at a range of miles! Maybe H&H needs an Extend Range buffing spell (or multiple levels of that spell) that really boosts ranges!  Zatara, for his part, uses a spell that homes in on where the spell was cast. Should Detect Magic do that? Zatara can cast a Fly spell that affects him and one other (perhaps limited to his own supporting cast?).  Zatara also casts a spell that can keep people from recognizing him and one other -- if not Change Self, then maybe Phantasmal Force? Zatara also casts his now-familiar spells of astral projection and Enlargement.

Of Jerbel's lieutenants, Lalla Gor can conjure phantasmal armies (Phantasmal Force? Some stronger version?), but Monsieur Henri's spell that tricks people into thinking their choking on poison gas is a little odder -- like maybe an illusionary version of Stinking Cloud.

To beat Jerbel, Zatara has to penetrate a magic force field -- Wall of Force? Zatara apparently cannot dispel it, though; he has to join hands with another Magic-User (Tigress) so they have more combined levels in Magic-User than Jerbel to pass through. Then Zatara and Jerbel engage in a contest of wills (as was originally detailed in The Trophy Case, but a revised version appeared in Supplement V: Big Bang). Whether "contest of wills" makes it into 2nd ed. or not is up in the air; maybe I'll include an appendix of optional, but recommended rules.

(Summary read here)

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