Thursday, April 14, 2016

Action Comics #9 - Part 2

Globe-trotter Zatara is on his way to China for some reason. Meanwhile, the mad Tibetan lama, Jerbel, wants to conquer the world. You'd think a Tibetan would keep to easier goals, like keeping his country's autonomy from China, but we are told Jerbel is mad. Humorously, Zatara is reading an issue of Action Comics on the plane.

The plane crashes -- I'm not sure if it's just an accident or Jerbel is somehow responsible. Zatara and Tong, of course, emerge unscathed (Zatara's top hat wasn't even bent!). The scenario really begins here, with Zatara and Tong on a wilderness survival scenario. Zatara solves it easily, though, thanks to some version of Clairvoyance that lets him view the terrain from an bird's eye view (Bird's Eye View could be a 2nd level spell). He spots a monastery they can use for shelter and then casts either a Mass Fly spell or Fly twice on him and Tong.

It's Jerbel's monastery, of course. Also, the Tigress is there! Zatara spots her first (surprise roll?) and casts a spell a spell that makes both him and Tong unrecognizable (Unrecognizable could also be a 2nd level spell).

Rather cleverly, instead of trying to defeat Jerbel's lieutenants, Zatara tries to take away their motivation by tricking the Tigress into showing him where Jerbel's treasure chamber is, and then turning all the treasure into cinders (though, if he's only polymorphed the treasure, it seems all Jerbel would have to do is dispel the magic and it would turn back).

But, oddly, that's not enough of a win for Zatara, so he goes after Jerbel in a contest of wills (as was originally detailed in The Trophy Case, but a revised version appeared in Supplement V: Big Bang). Contest of wills is now an optional combat rule in 2nd edition Hideouts & Hoodlums.

(Select pages read at the Babbling about DC Comics blog.)

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