Friday, April 22, 2016

Crackajack Funnies #9 - part 1

We haven't checked in on Dan Dunn in awhile. Here he reminds us that you should always check for clues at a crime scene. The metal tag is probably something all factory workers had to wear.

This is Speed Bolton, Air Ace.  He keeps a machine gun in his plane and shoots out the window because a) planes weren't pressurized so windows could all be opened, and b) because not every plane can hold a gun mounted behind the propeller, and not just anyone would be able to sync up the gun for synchronized fire.

Speed is nervous at the end because he doesn't seem to have the Improvised Landing stunt prepared...

Even a cowboy like Buck Jones can learn clues from a letter, like if the letter was written by a man or woman.

Rattlesnakes need to be statted in 2nd ed.

In a cowboy setting, there should probably be rules about spooked hosses -- that is, horses. If a horse is spooked, it's going to make morale saves in every encounter at a -2 penalty until an animal trainer spends time with it (or maybe a Cowboy with a Calm Hoss stunt).

You'd think an outfit like this guy's would make him stand out too much for a mask to do him much good, but that's not what masks are like in a comic book world. Put a little black around your eyes and anyone would have to save vs. plot to recognize him -- even if they should recognize him from the bright green pants.

Occupations are good for plot hooks, but it's important for Heroes to keep the people they work for happy. A superhero in one of my home campaigns got fired from his job not that long ago because he was supposed to be a photojournalist and never took pictures on adventures. If you do care about keeping your job, you've got to work at keeping those encounter reaction results high.

This page of Wash Tubbs explains how a magnetic boxing ring would work. It would be difficult to put a Hero in a situation where he would need to put on special shoes with a metal plate in it before a fight (and I would give the Hero a chance of noticing), but the big issue is that there is no game mechanic effect that staying motionless in combat has. I guess, if attacking while prone confers a -4 penalty, then attacking while you can't move one foot should give a -1 or even a -2 penalty.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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