Monday, March 21, 2016

Funny Picture Stories v. 3 #1

These Centaur titles were largely reprinting material from not that long ago by 1939, but so much of it is largely forgettable that I can't be sure if I've read something before, sometimes.  This is supposedly the second part of a Fury of the Foreign Legion serial, but I sure don't remember part 1.

In a pre-Pearl Harbor story, if Heroes really want to get involved in foreign wars, joining the French Foreign Legion might be the way to go. Indeed, one could conceivably run a Fighters-only campaign set in Africa with the Foreign Legion. This page-long scene would be handy reference material for such a campaign.

This is from a complete story called "The Amateur Murderer" and it's a slight tale of murder undone by entirely circumstantial evidence, but is worth sharing here because of the curious item called a "time torpedo".  Modern search engines seem to have trouble uncovering any real item called a time torpedo -- and this is surely not a time torpedo such as will later appear in Doctor Who stories. Rather, it seems to just be a firecracker with a slow, 3-minute fuse, or some other sort of timing device on it that can be set to go off after 30 minutes. I'm not sure such a device really existed, but it seems plausible enough that it could be a trophy item.

This is from a complete story called "Mountain Murder". It's a pretty decent fight scene, but note how each combatant seems to get in two attacks before his opponent gets in two more licks. This seems like evidence I was on the right track with allowing two attacks per turn in unarmed combat.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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