Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Funny Pages v. 2 #12

After taking nearly two weeks off (yikes!), I'm back and looking at Centaur to see what they've got going on there back in December 1938.

This is new aviator strip hero "Skid" Davis. I share this page because I currently have an Aviator Hero in one of my two Hideouts & Hoodlums campaigns and one of the things I worry about is coming up with more aviation-themed things for him to do. Rather than just be the party's chauffeur, I have tried to keep him busy in his downtime with racing and pilot rivalries. But it's important to remember that a good pilot is going to be sought out to do all kinds of experimental flying -- any of which could become a plot hook in the right hands.

This is from The Arrow. While we still don't know where the Arrow is from, we at least know for sure it's not Chicago, because he has to go to Chicago for this one adventure.

There's also a bit of a history lesson here, as to how police officers timed speeders before Radar guns were invented.

I love how this cop has a gun trained on a seated Arrow, but the Arrow still has time to jump up and notch an arrow before the cop can shoot him. This proves that you should always have to roll for initiative each turn in H&H.

Yeah...I've never shot an arrow into a keyhole before, but I'm thinking an arrow couldn't really do that. Now, if The Arrow was a Superhero, and there was some sort of "hold portal" power, this could be the flavor text explanation of how it works.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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