Saturday, March 4, 2017

Fantastic Comics #1 - pt. 3

This is still The Golden Knight.  I like the underground castle, as it's so That Other Game. Note how jumping and climbing are not hindered by the knight's armor at all.

The woman is referred to as both a hag and a witch. I'm already adding a hag to 2nd edition Hideouts & Hoodlums; I may have to give it the ability to use Change Self 1/day.

I already have Martian green men represented in 2nd ed. H&H, but now here's Martian imp men. Transmitting yourself on sound waves sounds cool, though I'm not sure how that works. Maybe they "surf" on the sound waves to travel as fast as sound, which would be equal to the 3rd level power Race the Bullet.

The Martian imp men are somehow hitting Space Smith and Dianna with radium rays, but the imp men aren't carrying any weapons we can see, so maybe it's a natural ability? The radium rays just put people to sleep.

Transmitting belts teleport the wearer to a preset location.

This page makes it clear that the imp men are only about 3' tall.

As fearsome as the imp men look, they don't seem to do much damage with their claws -- maybe 1-4 points? And this begs the question -- how many Hit Dice should imp men have? Maybe as little as 2-3 HD.

Behold, the huge, man-eating Martian mosquito. And that's "huge" -- not even giant!  This has got to be at least 4 Hit Dice. Note that it doesn't have a proboscis to feed through like a mosquito, it has a mouth and the proboscis-like appendage is actually a stinger, I presume capable of delivering poison.

This is the first indication I've seen in comics that the working of rayguns is not immediately obvious -- and this is in the future!  I could use a flowchart for figuring out alien technology (the Other Game used that mechanic on occasion) or a simple save vs. plot to immediately understand something of an alien nature.

Even in the future, guards are easily overcome!

Amazingly, I have an easier time believing that Space Smith story with Martian mosquitoes than I do this story about the Eskimongolian Empire in the Arctic Circle being strong enough to challenge the U.S. This has got to be the most ridiculous alternate history I've ever read and I'm just on the first page!

Mind you -- if this was done gonzo-style, waving all logic, you could have polar bear-riding soldiers.  Hmm...

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus)

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