Monday, November 2, 2015

More Fun Comics #31 - pt. 2

This is new feature Biff Brody and Pop Beaner. Carting around a sub-machine gun like that, you might think Biff wouldn't need to run up and punch anybody in the chin. The combat rules for missile weapons are quite clear, though, that if you fire into a melee (and a mobster trying to grapple an innocent woman is still a melee), that a random participant will be hit.

Biff has to fight a brute. Should that be a mobster type?  Maybe brutes could be thugs that specialize in unarmed combat, getting a bonus to hit if they go weaponless?

Okay, Red Logan...I'm not sure if plugging a match stick into the gas tank air vent to shut off the gas supply is a real thing or not...but luckily the Hideouts & Hoodlums rules allow for giving you the benefit of a doubt. If you come up with a story like that, and make a save vs. plot (or maybe a save vs. science, since this explanation seems so scientific), I'll let it work.

This is exactly the sort of scene that looks daffy in a comic book, but makes perfect sense in a role-playing game. The Editor's hoodlum has a gun, but he can't even roll a 10 or higher to hit a Hero without armor or cover (or maybe the Hero's player is the one making the really good rolls for saves vs. missiles). The hoodlum doesn't get a save vs. missiles, so all Red has to do is get one good roll to hit. Without optional weapon damage, the rock and the bullet do the same, abstract 1d6 damage.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus)

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