Tuesday, December 13, 2016

More Fun Comics #48

This is a special installment -- not because of this being a particularly good or useful comic book, but the way I was able to read the contents. Yes, this is the first issue that I've read during a Youtube video perusal of its contents.

Detective Sergeant Carey investigates an ape attack, but it turns out to be a fake ape. I've already talked about statting pseudo-undead in Hideouts & Hoodlums, but I can think of more examples of fake animals. Does "fake animal" need to be a mobster type?

"Boxcar Tourists" is a one-shot gag strip, but it features a fairly believable $5,000 reward for an arsonist/bank robber/kidnapper(tax evader/cusser).

Bulldog Martin outraces camels on the back of an ostrich. I never thought I would have to stat ostriches for H&H, but two years ago I wouldn't have thought I would have to stat goats either. I would probably give an ostrich 2 Hit Dice, with a Move of 30. Camels, on the other hand, would have a Move of only 24. Technically, since H&H has no encumbrance rules for animals (unless one assumed the one encumbrance table applied equally to everything), the ostrich would always win no matter how heavy Bulldog Martin is. On the other hand, an Editor would be within his rights to apply common sense modifiers, accounting for the ostrich's weaker strength, and make it a much closer race.

(Video courtesy of Youtube.)

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