Friday, December 30, 2016

Adventure Comics #43

I don't have access to anything from this issue but the Sandman story. So here's to a short post!

The Sandman is vacationing in the South Seas. Granted, when you're a billionaire you probably can just hop in a plane and do stuff like that, but it seems an unusual player choice for a character supposedly motivated to stopping urban crime in the States. In fact, it strikes me as a scenario where the player didn't get to choose, but had an introduction prepared by the Editor that sets up the scenario.

Wesley, interestingly, keeps an ordinary gun in his plane for protection. Which would make sense if he was looking to conceal his secret identity, but he also has his mask and some gas bombs in the plane, so...

Wesley doesn't seem to have any regrets over the two natives he shoots and presumedly kills in this story. He gets involved when he sees a house with 14 white people in it surrounded by 200 hostile natives. On the plus side, he doesn't go in with guns blazing and kills more natives. Instead, he drops flares and gas bombs from his plane to confuse the natives and shake their morale. Which makes sense and is good tactics...but with this kind of story, you just know he has to land afterwards and try to pass himself off as a god to the superstitiously naive natives. I suppose you could attach game mechanics to this with encounter reaction rolls...or maybe this is tied to their morale failure. "Sure, sure, we'll say you're a god -- just stop dropping flares and gas bombs on us!"

A girl Wesley rescues in this story -- the plot hook character who leads him to the besieged house -- is named Australia. I can't help but wonder if there is some implied geopolitical allegory to this story, but I'm too ignorant of Australian history to know.

((Sandman story read in Golden Age Sandman Archives.))

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