Thursday, February 4, 2016

Feature Funnies #14

Jane Arden's advice to players: when checking a document to see if it's a forgery, make sure to check the feel of the paper as well.

This is "Off the Record" gag filler, some of the most consistently funny gag filler I've read in these early comic books. They're not all winners, but the upper left and lower right really amuse me.

This page of Archie O'Toole isn't really Hideouts & Hoodlums-pertinent -- but I think it's got a great message to it that bears sharing.

I can imagine a Halloween-themed scenario for first-level Heroes where they just have to get across town, a town filled with half-pints armed with improvised saps (socks filled with flour -- 1-2 points of damage?). If things escalate, they might start throwing rocks for 1-3 points of damage. Halloween was a much wilder night back then. Note the look of 1930s-era costumes.

This is from Will Eisner's Espionage. There is no game mechanic for fame in H&H. Unless they happen to be spies, it is entirely up to them how much credit and publicity they want to pursue for the good deeds they do. All of this should be handled through role-playing.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus)

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