Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Amazing Mystery Funnies #3

Often overlooked as a trophy item is the treasure map, yet see how happy Skyrocket Steele is with the map he's found? Sure, he probably would have wound up searching these rooms anyway, but now he can do it with more purpose!

There's good attention to detail on the rooms here, from the stonework on the floor to the skull and bottles in the secret room, but what really interests me is why there are sarcophagi in a chemist's lab...

Here's a common as "the invisible man" is in comics and literature, maybe invisible men needs to be a mobster type. Maybe like a much weaker version (2 HD?) of the invisible stalker?

The "self-propelled bomb" sounds like a good idea -- a miniature plane that drops a bomb and then returns to the sender. What's weird is the short range here...would you really want to propel a bomb from just 10' away...?

This is Dirk the Demon and his 24th century friends. It's boys' adventure with a twist -- futuristic hi-tech stuff is going to be mundane to them, and the trophies these amateur archaeologists collect are relics from the 20th century, like a simple handgun. For this type of scenario, invert XP as you would normally give it for trophies; the more mundane the item seems, the more it should be worth.

Archaeology can be a dangerous hobby, even in the 20th century. There's crumbling ruins that could result in falling damage, relics that might go off and hurt someone while being examined, and -- as the next page reveals (which I'm neglecting to share), living threats from the 20th century that are held in suspended animation until encountered.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum. Art by Bill Everett.)

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