Saturday, January 2, 2016

Action Comics #4 - part 2

Tex Thompson has finished his first adventure in the Sealed City, but when your players aren't ready to move on to another location, that's okay -- just have the same location threatened by new bad guys!

There are even recurring non-Heroes in this installment, with the former henchmen Scharem and Hawntem changing sides to help Tex. In my first live session Hideouts & Hoodlums campaign, my players used to do this all the time; converting hoodlums to grow their ranks.

Bob gets shown some death traps. One is a spiked slab that can be dropped on someone lying prone on an altar (though to be a proper trap, the cord holding the slab should be slowly burned through by a candle, or something).  The other is a giant magnifying glass that can burn a person tied to a chair in front of it (slow amounts of heat damage over time?).  Despite having these to choose from, Bob winds up in a 10' deep pit.

Scoop Scanlon, Five-Star Reporter, needs information, so he spends the day visiting every "hole in town", buying "drinks for bums".  I'm not partial to using game mechanics to handle information gathering, though I would use encounter reaction rolls to determine how long it takes to get a favorable contact.

A hoodlum Scoop talks to refers to four other hoodlums as "small-time punks".  Maybe I should use that term instead of wimpy hoodlums?

Zatara, Master Magician, casts a spell that lets him Locate Person (4th level spell?).   He casts his "Spirit Projection" spell again, and an Invisibility spell again. He twice casts the spell that temporarily polymorphs an item, this time a gun into a water pistol and a gun into a snake, then handcuffs.  Apparently this spell polymorph the same item into a new form each turn during the spell duration.

(This issue can be read at Comic Book Archives)

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