Sunday, June 3, 2018

Fantastic Comics #2 - pt. 5

Flick Falcon in the Fourth Dimension is one crazy acid trip of a comic strip. His fourth-dimensional machine allows him to travel between planets, like a really-long range teleporter.

I thought slave giants were only 30' tall last time, but this guy is crazy tall, unless those are really tiny mountains. Maybe 10,000' tall?

These are much shorter than dwarfs, and even midget men, we've seen before in comics. In fact, the only thing that's come close are gnomes.

Flip and his girlfriend, Adele, were both knocked out at the same time with sleeping drug, so this demonstrates that you should roll separately for random duration. This might be a magical mickey, since even dragging Adele across the ground long distance doesn't wake her up.

Yeah. I really didn't see this coming.

This is Mars; does that mean dancing girl here is a Red Martian?

On Mars, gnomes apparently live in cities. So thousands of gnomes might be encountered at a time there?

So this takes place in the 30th century -- just like the Legion of Superheroes! You can tell it's the future because submarines can fly and cities have lots of tall overpasses in them.

20,000 men? That seems like overkill, Sub. Note to all future Hideouts & Hoodlums players: if you ask for 20,000 men to help you in any of my scenarios, the answer is no.

Speaking of overkill, Sub shows up at Atlantis with his 20,000 men, and finds 3 frog-men guarding the entrance to the city. Between panels, Sub's lieutenant asks, "We've taken the city gate, sir. What would you like our other 19,997 men to do now?"

Then Sub says, "The gate wasn't the hard part. We have to still breach the citadel. It'll be well-defended too, by frog-men armed with hydro-ray guns."

"Hydro-ray guns? Doesn't that mean fire hoses?"

Seriously, I do like the exotic architecture on that citadel.

"See? Hydro-ray guns are serious weapons! They just killed 11 men in 1 shot!"

"Um...I hate to sound crass or anything, Captain Saunders, but we do still have 19,986 more men, and that's not even counting the three we left guarding the frog-men at the gate we could go back and get. If we lose 10-20 crossing the courtyard to the citadel doors, isn't that acceptable losses in warfare?  And we do have a legitimate reason for overthrowing Atlantis, right sir? It's not just because of that cleavage you keep staring at...?"

I was going to write in-character "Why don't we use the disintegrator on the parapets of the citadel and take out those ray guns, sir?" But I think the disintegrator is clearly shown to have no range here, making it a nice way to wreck things without superheroes, but with no ability of turning it into much of a weapon.

I am not giving frog-men good stats. Look how quickly they go down, just from being grappled!  I'm thinking 1-1 Hit Dice.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus.)

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